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View from balcony over pool to Meia Praia


Whether you're looking for a villa or an apartment, Loulé tops the list as the Algarve municipality with the most expensive property prices, according to a recent report.

view across terrace and pool towards dexterior dining and sea in the distance


The Portuguese real estate market has grown 57% in the second quarter of this year, compared to the previous quarter. However, it still represents a significant drop from the first half of 2020.

view from cliffs across bay to Lagos


House sales in Portugal saw the smallest increase in the EU at the start of 2021, but house prices continue to rise, says the latest data.

CGI of villa of typical Portuguese design


The outlook for the Portuguese premium property market is bright, say industry experts, who believe it is an increasingly safe investment.

View across pool to villa


Portugal may not be headed towards a property bubble, but house prices are certainly overvalued, says the Bank of Portugal. Its governor calls for close monitoring of the real estate sector.

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