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Villa at dusk with lights on and pool


House prices in Portugal will continue to grow, but at a slower pace, says Brussels. Causes are property scarcity and foreign demand.

Living room with access to dining room


Although house prices have remained stable, properties are taking longer to sell. So what two things can sellers do to make their homes more appealing to buyers?

Pool and hot tub in garden with view to the ocean


In a recent report tracking the performance of high-end properties in locations worldwide, the Algarve and Porto feature in the top 10 luxury residential destinations.

Beach with ocean and rock formations


The highest recognition in environmental quality, 432 Blue Flags will be hoisted across Portuguese beaches, marinas and eco-tourism vessels. The Algarve will fly 85.

View to ocean through terrace doors and decking


What does the Algarve property investor look like today? A new study looks into the profile of international investors in the region.

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