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view along waterside of Caneiros beach towards Portimão


Those who know the Algarve know that it's not only about the beaches, but let's be honest: they are rather wonderful. So it comes as no surprise that the region's beaches have been recognised as some of the best in Europe.

Algarve limestone cliffs with palms looking out to ocean


While the price of homes in Portugal increased last year, bank valuations remain below market values, says a new study. In the Algarve, property prices are up to 40% higher than valuations.

View across the pool to the garden beyond


Digital nomads discovered Portugal some time ago. Now, a new remote worker has emerged – the executive nomad –, and they too have found their 'office' in sunny Algarve

old green door with olive tree outside


Recent global events may have shaken the world, but Portugal's property market remains unscathed. Prices keep going up, supply is going down, and the Algarve is where it's most noticeable.

Semi-detached small villas with palm tree in front garden


The world has witnessed significant events over the past two years and the real estate market has adjusted accordingly. Resilience, redefined luxury and the human touch are the key trends for this year.

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