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Portugal has won the category of the ‘World’s Best Golf Destination,’ for the fifth consecutive year, beating off the challenges from Abu Dhabi, South Africa, Argentina, the United States, New Zealand, the Dominican Republic and Vietnam.

Banks in Portugal have announced that property prices continue to rise across the country with the largest increases in property valuations being found in the Algarve region.

Organisers of Europe’s largest tech event, the Web Summit, have said they hope this will be “the biggest and best” edition ever, with over 70,000 guests participating this year.

The number of properties in Portugal being bought by foreign residents has increased again, according to the latest data from the Portuguese Office for National Statistics (INE).

The Algarve has this week been crowned with the title of ‘Best European Region in Tourism and Gastronomy 2018’, awarded by the European Council of Food and Wine Confraternities (CEUCO) in the 13th edition of the AURUM Awards.

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