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The cross-border regions of Andalusia (Spain) and Algarve (Portugal) are working on a network of electric vehicles for tourist areas on the coast of both countries, according to researchers at the universities of Huelva and the Algarve.

Mortgage loans granted by Portuguese banks in 2019 rose by 8.1% in 2019, according to the Association of Industrial Construction and Public Works (AICCOPN). These figures represent a decade high, having risen to €10.63 billion, year on year.

Tourists from the United Kingdom continue to represent the largest market of visitors to Portugal, with numbers increasing in the country during 2019.

There is a lot to be said for buying an existing property in Portugal – or at least that’s what a new survey implies. The Portuguese Property Investment Survey shows that bureaucracy and construction costs are the biggest obstacles in the country’s property market.

The growth rate of house prices in Lisbon has started to normalise and, according to Confidencial Imobiliário (CI), the rest of the country should follow suit in 2020.

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