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Aerial view of property and pool in Monchique


The lack of rainfall in the Algarve is getting more serious than ever. What does this water scarcity mean for visitors and homeowners?

Lit villa with pool at dusk


A downturn in home sales and slowing growth of house prices started to be felt in 2023 and should continue into 2024.

Villa with lights on at dusk in garden with swimming pool


With a shortage of properties defining the local real estate market in recent years, there are now more available houses in the Algarve.

Rainbow over ocean seen from cliffs


Come rain or shine, which weather app is the best at accurately predicting the weather for the Algarve? Hopefully, now all of them.

Drone view of Marinha beach


Portugal's tourism sector brought more money in than ever before in 2023 and is expected to continue to grow