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More than 90,000 Portuguese nationals emigrated from the country in 2017, down around 10,000 on 2016, with the United Kingdom (UK) remaining the main destination, according to the latest official report on emigration. 

Brexit is increasingly being pointed out as a constraint to the sustainability and growth of hotels, according to a survey to the sector's professionals, who also highlight September as the strongest month of the year. 

Quinta do Lago, in the Algarve’s renowned Golden Triangle region, is to become home to the World’s first sporting Sanctuary for European youngsters from disadvantaged and underprivileged backgrounds.

The Bank of Portugal has highlighted the "important contribution" of tourism exports to output and employment and to maintaining the economy’s capacity to finance growth. 

The Algarve mountain region of Monchique looks set for serious investment to be made in it after it was announced that Monchique council has approved “the biggest and most important” municipal budget in recent years, coupled with news that a recently-formed consortium is to buy the Caldas springs and has over 10 million euros to plough into its development.

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