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The Algarve will once again be the perfect destination for bird watchers from around the world with the return of the Sagres Bird Watching Festival.

Public debt dropped by 5.6Bn€ in June, after the payment of 8.1Bn€ in general obligation bonds during that month as reported by the Bank of Portugal.

Launched last year, the first edition of Techstars' acceleration programme conquered foreigners from all over the world. Some even decided to remain in Portugal.

The median price per square metre of residential properties sold in Portugal in the first quarter was €1,011, up 1.5% on the previous quarter and 6.4% on the same quarter of 2018.

A new study has revealed that it is cheaper to buy a home in Portugal than to rent one.

The study, based on data collected by real estate databank Confidencial Imobiliário, bases numbers on a 90-square metre home and concluded that buying works out between 14% and 61% cheaper than renting, including in Lisbon and Porto, where the difference is 14% and 30% cheaper respectively.

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