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stone pathway between grasses leading uphill


According to a study by Bloomberg Economics, Portugal is the 13th country in the real estate bubble risk table, despite the Bank of Portugal recently admitting an overvaluation of house prices.

View from gate, up a driveway to a villa


Compared to the previous month, house prices in Portugal increased by 2.5%, according to the Residential Price Index for the month of May.

sunset from algarve beach with rock formation


When it comes to sunny European destinations, Portugal is a better alternative to Spain due to new visa requirements and the cost of living, say Brexit experts.

View across Albufeira beach


Demand for property in the Algarve has surged in recent weeks. For British buyers, Carvoeiro, Albufeira and Vilamoura are the top destinations to buy a home.

Looking across the garden and the corner of the house to a pool


Despite the higher costs involved when investing in more sustainable real estate, this type of property will tend to perform better in terms of commercial attractiveness, running costs, rents and occupancy rates, says a new study.

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