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European charm, affordable living and welcoming people are just some of the reasons why the Algarve has been considered the perfect place to retire overseas, especially for US investors.

In an article published on MSN, Kathleen Peddicord at Live and Invest Overseas says that “diversifying your portfolio into European real estate is a better idea now than it has been in more than a decade”, with US dollar-holders having more purchasing power in Europe since 2003.

Among several other European destinations, including Italy, Spain, Croatia, Romania and Malta, it was the Algarve that was named Europe's retirement haven by Live and Invest Overseas.

A blend of Old World charm at the edge of continental Europe and modern high-tech living, Kathleen Peddicord lists several other reasons why Portugal, but especially the Algarve, is such a popular destination for retirees moving abroad.

Among them is the mild climate, with warm, dry summers and cooler yet pleasant winters; the high connectivity, with digital communication and Wi-Fi widely available; the affordable cost of living; the welcoming feeling toward foreigners; and the fact that English is widely spoken, although learning a few words will certainly get you far!

With a welcoming and supportive expat community and being one of the safest spots in the world, the author also adds that the Algarve is a particularly attractive choice for single women who are making a move overseas alone.

With the right advice, investing in Portuguese real estate is still a good idea, whether you choose to live in the Algarve or not. Contact Algarve Home Sales to find the perfect property to enjoy the Portuguese lifestyle, at whatever stage of your life.