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The Silves Municipal Archaeological Museum (MMAS) marks its 29th anniversary on September 3, with free admission throughout the day.

This museum space was built around an admirable 12th-13th century Almohad cistern-well – which became the centre-piece of the collection – and which was discovered after archaeological excavations in the 1980s and today classified as a National Monument. 

Ten Portuguese startups are featuring amongst the 100 hottest in Europe, according to Wired.

Agricultural production has not been this good for years. From wine to dried fruits, from apples to peaches and tomatoes, the forecast for agriculture points for an increased production this year.

The Portuguese economy grew by 0.5% in the second trimester relative to the first three months of 2019, growing above the EU average.

The Algarve will once again be the perfect destination for bird watchers from around the world with the return of the Sagres Bird Watching Festival.

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