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The real estate sector for Portugal has seen a strong start to the year, especially within the residential market, according to the latest housing market survey.

Portugal will launch its first big auction of solar power capacity in June or July, offering 1,750 megawatts as it seeks to boost emission-free electricity production, Environment and Energy Transition Minister Joao Matos Fernandes told Reuters.

Portugal’s Prime Minister has come out in support of Chinese investment in Portugal and in the European Union, and has warned member states not to assume a similar protectionist position to that of United States President Donald Trump.

Property owners in Portugal are set to expect to sell their home in the country within four to six months according to a new report by the Portuguese Association of Real Estate Professionals and Companies (APEMIP).

House prices in Portugal continue to rise across the country with the real estate market registering a 5.39% increase during 2018.

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