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Portugal, and especially the Algarve, gathers all the conditions to be one of the strongest destinations in Europe for senior living. But it’s a relatively unexplored market, according to a study released recently by Savills.

Despite the crisis, the latest data shows that property prices in Portugal remain stable. But there are also signs that the market is cooling year on year, and the number of house sales are expected to fall.

With shortages of houses on the market and low interest rates, the end of the year could be a good time to sell a home. But there are some things to consider before deciding to sell during a pandemic, according to the experts.

While property prices in Portugal are expected to remain high in 2020, a Moody’s report predicts they will fall by around 2% in the coming year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tax incentives, political stability and quality of life are just some of the reasons that make Portugal one of the most attractive real estate markets in Europe, according to the latest analysis by Housers.

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