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View of Ferragudo village at night from sand flats


Anyone with their finger on the property pulse will have noticed that prices kept rising throughout 2021 (read more here), but the variations weren't equal across the board, with 2-bedroom properties seeing the most significant rise.

Silhouette of couple sitting on bench looking out to sea


Can you see yourself enjoying a long beach walk, a quick round of golf, perhaps a glass or two of vinho branco, well into your retirement years? If your answer is yes, then you're not alone: Portugal has been ranked the best place in Europe for retirees.

Night view of river banks in Tavira


It was yet another year of uncertainty and, yet again, the real estate market countered all expectations. Over the course of 2021, house prices in Portugal – and particularly in the Algarve – continued to rise.


Investment in real estate through the Golden Visa scheme fell by 33% in the last year – and that's before the new changes came into force on the first of this month.

Cliff view of two sea arches off the coast of Algarve


Uncertainty related to Covid-19 will continue, asset returns will unify and hybrid work will accelerate. These are some of the predictions for the real estate market in the year ahead.

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