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The demand for properties in the Algarve continues to rise for the tenth consecutive month, leading to real estate prices increasing.

The number of cruise passengers who entered Portuguese ports in 2017 increased five percent over the previous year to 1.3 million and the number of stopovers increased by 10 percentage points and set a new record of 947.

Tourism levels in the Algarve have been rising steadily over the past years, with 2017 proving to be a record breaking one not only for the number of visitors, but also in terms of revenue.

After a 5% increase last year, the assessment banks make of real estate properties when credit is granted has accelerated in the beginning of 2018. It increase to a new record of 1.153 euros. 

Foreign buyers are helping to boost levels of real estate investment in Portugal, with experts predicting a record breaking year for 2018.

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