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The Algarve golf industry has started 2018 by winning two new international accolades from the magazine, ‘Today's Golfer.’

As part of the 2018 Annual Travel Awards, the Algarve won ‘Best Golf Destination in Continental Europe’ for the second year running and ‘Best Value Golf Destination in Continental Europe’ for the fifth time since 2012.

The Algarve has been ranked as the third cheapest destination for British tourists in the annual Post Office Travel Money review.

A quarter of all properties sold in Portugal last year were sold to foreign buyers, according to a report in Thursday’s edition of the Diário de Notícias. The newspaper writes that a growing number of foreigners, particularly French and Brazilian nationals, were responsible for many of the 150,000 property purchases registered in this country in 2017.

Bitcoins have been hitting the headlines recently with the virtual currency turning investors into overnight millionaires and now Bitcoins are making their way in to the Portuguese real estate market.

Portugal has been ranked by International Living as one of the top destinations for pensioners.

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