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Selling a house can be a complex and challenging process, and many homeowners face difficulties when listing their properties in Portugal. Identifying and correcting any potential mistakes while trying to sell your home is essential to ensure a quick and successful deal.

1. Making an incorrect valuation
It's understandable that homeowners have an emotional attachment to their homes, but overestimating the sentimental value can deter potential buyers. Take into consideration the market and the location, and consult a trusted local real estate expert to make a realistic assessment.

2. Ignoring necessary repairs
However minor or superficial, ignoring any repairs to the property can be detrimental to the sale. Invest in minor renovations to improve the attractiveness of the property and make it more appealing to buyers.

3. Leaving your imprint
Whether it's a bold colour choice on the walls or personal items dotted around the home, potential buyers will have to work to visualise the property as their possible home. Consider home staging to create a neutral atmosphere; a blank canvas will pique buyers' imagination.

4. Taking bad photos
Dark, cluttered or unfavourably angled photographs won't do justice to even the most beautiful home. Well-lit, quality photographs that highlight the property's best features are crucial to attract buyers and attract in-person visits.

5. Neglecting bureaucracy
Any errors around the bureaucratic aspects of a sale can delay or even void a transaction, especially in a foreign country. A real estate professional specialised in the selling process in Portugal could be a lifesaver.

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