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The beautiful sunny days that bless the Algarve region throughout much of the year have a downside, and that is water scarcity. It's a situation that has been worsening in recent decades, and now, local councils are stepping in.

From March, water bills are set to rise between 15% and 50% as one of the drastic measures to combat water scarcity in the region. Hospitality, agriculture and commerce, but also the residential segment, will have to pay more and use less water after the measure is approved this Friday.

The proposal comes from the Intermunicipal Community of the Algarve (AMAL) and will be signed off by the majority of municipalities across the region. Besides increased water bills, fines and even bans on watering private gardens and filling pools are also being considered for those who waste the most water.

For homeowners, that means changing day-to-day habits and devising strategies to use at least 15% less water than they did last year or risk bill increases of between 15 and 50%.

For those with larger gardens and swimming pools, the challenge is significant to reduce maintenance costs. Equally challenging is encouraging clients or tenants, in the case of owners who rent out their property, to also be mindful of water consumption.

For those thinking of investing in Algarve real estate, it could be a new consideration when deciding between a villa with outdoor space and an apartment that you can lock up and leave, where costs are generally a lot lower.

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