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Known for its world-famous beaches, international restaurants and championship golf courses, the Algarve's countryside tends to be vastly underrated. But if peace and quiet is what you're looking for, a rural property could be the perfect option for you.

Perhaps because the region is known for its long coastline, the charm of inland Algarve often goes undiscovered by visitors and expats. Yet it offers beautiful surroundings, natural scenery and absolute privacy compared to the busier coastal areas, especially in the summer season.

Country properties also come with more indoor and outdoor space and a smaller price tag than homes in more built-up areas or close to the beach, making it a great choice for families, digital nomads or retirees looking for more tranquillity in their golden years.

Inland areas are more inexpensive in general and offer the chance to immerse yourself in Portuguese life (but keep in mind there are also fewer amenities and a lot less choice in terms of shopping and dining). So if a rural home is what you're looking for, do make sure to take into account:

  • Location: being far from the madding crowds has its advantages, but it's also worth bearing in mind how good the roads and infrastructures are, the proximity to supermarkets, schools and hospitals, and even the weather variations in summer and wintertime.
  • Community: the Portuguese are friendly folk, but making friends can be hard if you're living somewhere more remote and the language is a barrier. Try looking for areas that also have a small expat community for socialising and support.
  • Property: the type of home you purchase should fit your needs and lifestyle. Extra land requires more maintenance, and older builds tend to be humid and require more upkeep. Think about whether an older or newer build would suit you.

There are several areas that strike the perfect balance between natural surroundings and activities, culture and entertainment – check our property map to find your ideal property, or speak to the team at Algarve Home Sales for the best local advice.

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