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The Surf Lesson Price Index compiled by tech travel company has revealed that of British people who travelled in 2016 for surf lessons, 22 percent of them favoured Portugal.

France was the next most popular at 15 percent, and Spain third with 11 percent. Other popular destinations include Morocco, Ireland, Indonesia and Barbados.

In terms of cost per surf lesson, Portugal came in 12th position, with the average cost being 35 euros.

Portugal was the fourth most affordable destination in Europe, coming in after Ireland, the United Kingdom and Spain, who were between 1 and 3 euros cheaper per lesson.

The cheapest lessons could be found on the beaches of Ecuador and South Africa, where aspiring wave catchers could expect to pay around 20 euros.

Norway meanwhile was rated the most expensive venue on the planet, with lessons costing in the region of 110 euros.

The Surf Lesson Price Index analysed surf lesson booking data from over 1,250 surf schools around the world. CEO, Nicky Kelly, said in a statement that surfing continues its strong growth as a holiday activity. She explained that “countries in Europe are now fully established as having some of the best beaches to learn how to surf and it is here the British public are travelling to rather than further afield destinations such as Australia or Indonesia.”