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2017 continues to be a record breaking year for tourism in the Algarve with yet another milestone being conquered as the number of overnight stays in the region passes the eight million mark.

According to a report by the Portuguese National Statistics Institute (INE), for the first time ever the Algarve has seen more than eight million over night stays in the region during the first half of the year.

This increase in the number of people choosing to stay in the Algarve is up by 600,000 compared to the same period last year and represents the continued growth in the sector and popularity of the Algarve as a destination for tourists from around the globe.

Both the number of national tourists and international tourists increased during the first half of the year with a boost of some 9.6%, equating to 6.65 million overnight stays, by overseas guests and also an increase by 1.9% (1.31 million overnight stays) from visitors coming from other parts of Portugal.

The report by the INE states that “During the first half of the year all regions show3ed positive developments in the number of overnight stays.  However the Algarve region was responsible for 41% of the overnight stays of guests coming from abroad”.

Not only were the number of stays up this year, the revenue coming from visitors had also increased in the Algarve by 17.5%.  This trend shows a clear confidence in the market by national and international visitors who are willing to spend their money while visiting the region for holidays.

The president of the Algarve Tourism Board, Desidério Silva, said: “The Algarve hotel is to be congratulated, as is the entire regional tourism sector, which has been reaching record highs every year. The main indicators are growing in line with what is happening across the country, and by the end of the year we aspire once again to celebrate the best year of tourism ever for the Algarve and for Portuguese tourism.”